The dip and surge of estrogen and testosterone throughout our monthly cycle can impact our productivity. Our hormone levels typically fluctuate three times a month. ProWell will:
  • Use your menstrual cycle as a guide to determine your expected energy level
  • Color code your hormone fluctuations so you'll know the three times your levels significantly change in a month
  • Send you weekly health alerts, including tips on which vitamins & foods to consume to for optimal well-being
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Daily and weekly objectives help us reach our goals. ProWell helps you achieve your best by:
  • Allowing you to share your to-dos with friends or family
  • Sending you a weekly chart to show what you've accomplished
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Sometimes a positive word or reminder is all you need to boost your energy With ProWell:
  • You can write daily affirmations, which will show on your calendar home screen
  • You can stay inspired and organized using the notes function
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“We know that women sometimes sacrifice their own self-care in order to do it all. So we created a calendar that makes it easy to put yourself first. ProWell makes it possible for you to manage your day, your health and your wellbeing in one place.”

Jacquelynn Osoro

Break the Cycle...of low or erratic productivity and get a new flow.

ProWell understands the natural connection between your productivity and your period and helps you manage your output and wellness by honoring your professional and personal rhythms.

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